Auflaufeinrichtung V - Typ 251 S

inkl. Kupplung AK 270

Part no.: 74013434
1251916, 1251916SAP1, 1251919, 1731104, 247581, 247581ERSET, 249219, 249219ERSET, 251SR, Z247581, 2301009
Price unit: piece
Pack of: 1

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Further information

To fit:
Load capacity (kg):
Permissible total weight (kg):
1500 till 2700
AK 270
Installation location:
oben und unten
251 S
Additional information:
• Umlenkhebel umsteckbar
• kombinierbar mit ALKO Radbremse: 1637 , 2051
16,00 kg
To be found in category:
Construction and spare parts for car trailers up to 3.5 tOverrun hitches, axles and accessories - AL-KOOverrun devices V-connection1,500 to 2,700 kg 251S, breakaway rope Deflection lever reversible

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