Kühlerfrostschutz P11 BF, 20l

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- nitrite-, silicate-, amine-, borate and phosphate-free OAT coolant concentrate based on ethylene glycol (MEG) with an additive package based on OAT technology.technology-based additive package
- also suitable for aluminum engines
- concentrated radiator protection agent
- must be diluted with clean water before use in the cooling system
- used in cooling water systems of internal combustion engines
- prevents Frost- and corrosion damage in cooling water circuits of internal combustion engines as well as cavitation on pump segments and is particularly low-foaming
- inorganic inhibitors are responsible for corrosion protection in the cooling system
- all-round coolant, meets industry standards such as British Standard BS 6580, French Standard NF R 15-601 and ASTM D 3306
- when changing the coolant, please drain and flush the cooling system and expansion tank
- do not exceed the replacement intervals for the coolant specified by the respective manufacturer
Einsatzempfehlung MAN:
MAN 324 type NF
Einsatzempfehlung MERCEDES-BENZ:
MB 325.0
Einsatzempfehlung PKW:
VW TL 774 C (G11)
Einsatzempfehlung sonstige:
- ASTM D 3306
- BS 6580:2010
- NFR 15-601
Additional information:
Freeze resistance - Mich ratio:
-54°C - 1 : 0.4
-37°C - 1 : 1
-27°C - 1 : 1.5
-18°C - 1 : 2
20 l
- never use the radiator protection concentrate undiluted, always mix with water
- ensure the correct mixing water (clean water) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
- ensure the correct mixing ratio
- if in doubt, switch to a ready-mixed product
- can generally be mixed with most radiator protection agents based on 1,2-ethanol (MEG) based coolants
- for optimum corrosion protection and inhibitor effect, unmixed product should always be used
- follow the instructions of the unit manufacturer
- the concentration of the coolant should never be less than 33% and never more than 60%.
ASTM D 3306
BS 6580:2010
NFR 15-601
22,70 kg
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