Montageschnellreiniger-Set, 36x 600ml

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Cleaner with reduced physiological load for maintenance, repair and assembly work in the craft sector.
Removes and dissolves oily dirt, grease and silicone from brake discs, clutch parts, gear parts, cables, tool parts, etc.
600 ml
Box contents:
3 Kartons à 12 Stück
Test material compatibility on an inconspicuous area. Spray evenly from a distance of approx. 20 cm. Allow to act briefly. Repeat application in case of stubborn soiling.
Additional information:
ECO features:
- free of microplastics
- free of fluorine compounds
- free of allergenic fragrances
- free of n-hexane
- compressed propellant C02
- NSF K1 sub-registration possible

- removes oil, grease, resin and silicone
- binds and washes away abrasive dust
- high spray pressure for optimized cleaning action even in hard-to-reach areas
- reduced risk of fire and fire consequences
- lower explosion limit >1.5 vol. %
Areas of application:
- for maintenance, repair and assembly
- for coupling repairs
- cleaning of heavily soiled or oily/greasy assembly parts

! For use in the food processing industry: Only approved outside of food processing areas. As soon as a K1 cleaned part enters the food processing area, it must be cleaned again with an approved cleaner !
Contents (pcs.):
23,40 kg
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