Saba Reiniger Sabaclean 48 - 1000ml Dose

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1000 ml can
1,15 kg
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Sabatack® , ideal für die Verklebung von Polypropylen
Vehicles are becoming lighter and lighter as a result of the use of plastics. Some of these materials are characterized by extreme strength. This also applies to polypropylene sheets (PP), such as Holypan®. Polypropylene is difficult to bond and seal due to its relatively low surface tension. With Sabatack® a product has been developed for easy bonding and sealing of Holypan® or other polypropylene materials. Sabatack® 750 is a construction adhesive and sealant - one-component, elastic, moisture-curing based on MS polymer. The main application is bonding with smooth application and high tensile strength. Other possible applications are sealing of seams, overlaps, joints and cracks for interior and exterior use. Processing instructions of Sabatack®- Pre-treatment see product data sheets.

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